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Our Story

An adventure of friendship

Alex and Charles, the two founders, were in high-school together but it’s actually in Saigon that they really became friends and discovered a shared enthusiasm for the restaurant industry, but also for...burgers.

When they realised that they wanted to step into this industry, it is naturally that they decided to open a burger restaurant, in order to share the high-quality burger experiences that they lived in Paris or during their travels.


Marcel Vietnam values food and quality as our sustainable core values of development. Our mission is to offer customers impeccable service between friendly, modern & stylish visual communication atmosphere.

We don't have preconceived ideas, we simply put ourselves into a customer’s shoes looking for the most satisfying experience.

Alex & Charles


Seasonality, proximity and sustainability.

Vietnam has a rich terroir and produces a large variety of local fruits and vegetables. We are proud to put those local specificities forward by incorporating them in our recipes whenever we can.

We also developed a partnership with organic farmers in Dalat that ship their products several times a week.


“Gourmet” is not just a tagline...

...It’s the commitment to always put quality first, by selecting only the best ingredients and avoiding any shortcuts. Quality is not cheap, but it’s the key.


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Marcel Gourmet BurgerCafé Marcel
Marcel Gourmet Burger

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